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Soulfully Acoustic 2 Peace Band


This bi-coastal duo of Elaine Dempsey & Karl Werne, from California and Virginia, bring diverse backgrounds of experience & music together to form a rich, soulful blend of character and deep harmony. It will move you to an understanding of their name: BiG WiDE GRiN.

They are constantly on the move- whether at festivals, concert series, shows, or select house concerts and have shared the stage, collectively, with such artists as Janis Ian, Harriett Schock, Lowen & Navarro, Richie Havens, Bruce Hornsby and toured with legendary blues man Keb’ Mo’.

Their most recent seasonal CD, "Holiday" features a wide variety of world class arrangers and studio musicians from both coasts, proving to be the most diverse self-produced musical endeavor from this group so far. Guest artists include ODU Jazz Professor John Toomey, former Kool and the Gang bassist, Dana Silvercloud and Dan Martier from Tim Reynolds’ TR3.

BWG’s "Live" release is a collection of original and cover material that have become trademark favorites of their live performances from the likes of Steve Earle and Tracy Chapman to Sly & The Family Stone.

Their debut CD, "Live Simple, Breathe Deep" (released under previous group name: "E.L.K.") was produced by Clayton Gibb (Keb’ Mo’ band) and features Mark Andes (Spirit, Canned Heat), Rob Hooper (Jimmie Dale Gilmore), Cha Cha Friedken (Keb’ Mo’ band) and Eddie Williams.

BWG is currently recording tracks for a new release expected this year.

Booking: Janet Hans janet@bigwidegrin.com (210) 824-1068

Management: Steve Garvan steve@garvanmanagement.com
(208) 265-1718

Elaine Dempsey

Born on the Mississippi, raised on the James, educated on the Appomattox and the Boneyard; Elaine has lived most of her life on the the Chesapeake and San Francisco Bays. She moved to the San Francisco Bay area from her home in Virginia with a desire and dedication to write. As a singer, songwriter and performer Elaine blends a background of folk, rock, gospel and blues to create a dynamic vocal and acoustic guitar style truly her own. Her music has received international airplay and won repeated recognition in various national songwriting contests. Her musical guides have included: Keb’ Mo’, Harriet Schock, Dr. Ysaye Barnwell, Karl Werne, Lawrence Lambert, Janis Ian, Rev. Ann Jefferson, Anne Lamott, John Haley-Walker, Allowyn Price, Clayton Gibb, Bill Spooner and Jackson-Ray-Charles-Kendal-Brown-Cat.

Karl Werne

Karl Werne has been entertaining the Hampton Roads area of Virginia Beach since he was 16 years old. Eight years with The Lewis McGehee Group and four years with his own Instant Karma have made Karl a local favorite with his versatile guitar work and smooth hypnotic vocals. Highlights of those years include touring as the opening act for Bruce Hornsby’s Grammy winning ’The Way It Is Tour’ and numerous recordings still receiving airplay. When not on the road with BWG, Karl can be heard these days playing with saxophonist Eddie Williams and electric guitarist Curtis Eley.

"BiG WiDE GRiN ... Good singing. Great songs and the hardest working band in folk music."
Keb’ Mo’

"Take three supremely talented performers, throw in a generous portion of intelligent and heartfelt songwriting, add a dash of wit and charm, then sit yourself down to a spellbinding evening of top-notch entertainment with BiG WiDE GRiN ... guaranteed to put one on every face."
BJ Leiderman, theme composer, National Public Radio

"BiG WiDE GRiN is well named. Their groove and their vibe will put a big smile on your face and in your heart." Freebo

"...authentic. The genuineness of the love they give to the audience and each other is captured on their new wonderful CD. I’m proud to be represented on the CD with a song, which they do so well, I’d rather hear them do it than sing it myself." Harriet Schock, platinum songwriter/recording artist/author

"Elaine, Lawrence and Karl are blessed with the desire to make a difference, the gifts of charisma and talent that compel us to listen, and an understanding of music, song, life and art ... all of this they share with us ... joyously. BiG WiDE GRiN is a delight." April Grace, actress.